ECO was “born recycled” in 2009, with the start of the program “One Frame One Tree” by partnering with NGO Trees for the Future. Since then, ECO donates and plants a tree for every frame sold. Today, ECO is approaching 1 million trees planted in Cameroon, Africa!

This is the Cameroon story. One that started with a seed: the idea of giving back to the world and improving lives. In 2012 we went to Cameroon to meet the people involved. With this book, we invite you to witness the impact “One Frame One Tree” continues to make on the environment and the Cameroon community.

“We have a responsibility to leave the world a better place than how we found it. Together with Trees for the Future and “One Frame One Tree,” we’re making a positive impact not only on the environment but for the people of Cameroon.”

— Alessandro Lanaro, CEO Modo.


ECO Cameroon project 25 page book.